I recently had a 2 hour Holistic Wellness profile done with Stephanie Bucklin. To say I enjoyed it doesn’t even begin to describe my experience. To say I learned some things, not only about myself, but also about nutrition and well being in general is an understatement. Stephanie is a well educated and experienced professional and she is a delight to work with. She helped me re-direct my efforts to meet my weight loss goals as well as address and maintain my overall health and wellness plan. Thank You Stephanie!
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Holistic Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Programs for Self-Healing ~ Your Individual Holistic Wellness Pathway

These programs have been designed to help you heal in all the dimensions of your life. Please review the programs we currently have to offer below. If one or more of them inspires you, I would be honored to be your Holistic Wellness Coach. Schedule your appointment today ~ click Contact Us in the menu above!

Holistic Wellness Coaching Program for Self-Healing

HEALING THE MIND: A life skills learning opportunity – many of the self-healing skills we teach, such as accessing your innate healing abilities or using the powers of your subconscious mind, are proven to be necessary for a peaceful and happy life. During the Holistic Wellness Profile (110 minutes) You will complete a Holistic Wellness Evaluation Form and a Mind-Body-Spirit Questionnaire, which were designed to delve into your current life perspectives, belief patterns and sources of suffering. We will discuss your health history and current health stats, daily nutritional intake, fitness level, and other pertinent considerations for healing your mind, body and spirit for Holistic Wellness.

Our first follow-up meeting will include the Holistic Wellness Basics, covering your personal relationship with your environment, career, spirituality, self-esteem, friends and family, emotional, mental, intellectual, and physical health. Following your first Holistic Wellness Session, an individual holistic healing pathway will be created for you. The focus of your individual program will be chosen during this meeting according to your individual needs and goals.

Personal Fitness Coaching, Weight Loss & Nutritional Program

HEALING THE BODY: The Nutrition & Fitness Coaching Program addresses the physical needs of each client. Sustaining proper nutritional balance and regular physical activity are necessary for holistic healing. Includes Taking Measurements, Comprehensive Fitness Tests, SMART Goal Setting, a Personalized Fitness Plan, Whole Food Plant-based Cooking Techniques, Shopping Trip & Kitchen Cupboards Consultation, 30-day Healthful Detox Program and regular nutritional balancing support. Monthly follow-up sessions to measure progress, evaluate experiences, and reset goals if needed. 50 minutes sessions

Finding Your Bliss Life Coaching Program for Spiritual Growth

HEALING THE SPIRIT: Finding Your Bliss Spiritual Cleanse Program creates healing on the deepest levels. This program includes empathetic healing counsel services when you need spiritual guidance in evolving to your highest good. the Initial Spiritual Evaluation (110 minutes) includes Hands on Energy Scanning and an introduction to Love Warrior Cooperative’s Finding Your Bliss Life Coaching Program.


• Initial Consultation- 30 minutes – Offering basic information to potential clients & gathering a general idea of your needs.
• Holistic Wellness Evaluations will consist of an wellness profile, during which we discuss your health statistics, fitness level, and your current mind-body-spirit wellness.
• Individual Holistic Wellness Pathway durations may be 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. We will agree on the length of the program during the initial consultation. Individual tailoring of the health program and all recommendations will follow every session.
• One to Four meetings may be scheduled per month and may be once a week, twice weekly, every other week, or once a month, depending on your needs and desired goals.
• Appointments must be kept to ensure the integrity of your program. Should you need to reschedule, please send a text or email to let me know at least 24 hours in advance.
• At each session we discuss progress, what’s working or not working, give you additional the tools and information to move towards your goals, deepen the understanding of your body and of the lifestyle changes and foods that will continue to balance it.
• As we get to know you better, additional programs and services may be offered to expand the program possibilities and enhance your Individual Holistic Wellness Pathway, which may increase the overall cost of the Individual Holistic Wellness Pathway. We believe you deserve to heal.
• Payment for your Individual Holistic Wellness Pathway may be Paid In Full, ½ Up Front and ½ At The End of Your Program, OR Pay As You Go. Payments will be collected at the beginning of the appointment as needed. We accept most major credit cards, personal checks and cash. NOTE: A $35 Insufficient Funds Fee will be charged for bounced checks.
• Handouts, tools and goodies to get you started on your healthy lifestyle
• Unlimited email & text support throughout the program

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